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"I love having a Central Boiler wood furnace. I am always happy when it's cold enough outside to fire it up again in the fall so I have HOT water in the house!! I don't even mind loading it occasionally when my husband is out of town. It is a great system!!"
Karen Miller - Claridon, OH

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Classic Outdoor Wood Furnace - Features

  1. Vent Cap: Design eliminates evaporation.
  2. High Capacity Water Jacket: Receives multiple tests to ensure welding integrity. Certified high quality steel used - no mixed metals.
  3. Ripple Top® Design: For increased heat transfer area and lower maintenance.
  4. Large, Insulated Cast-Iron Door: Ergonomically designed with a large door for easy loading. Door is insulated for maximum efficiency. Door parts are powder coated for increased paint durability.
  5. Automatic Draft Control: Thermostatically controls water temperature in system.
  6. Skid Base Framework: Makes installation easy with or without cement foundation. Only the CL 7260 and Pallet Burner require a slab.
  7. Welded Steel Framework: Heavy-gauge framework engineered for enhanced strength of side panels and roof.
  8. Insulated Chimney: The chimney is a type HT listed factory-built chimney for wood burning appliances. Two 4-foot chimney sections standard.
  9. Rear Exhaust Outlet: Increases efficiency. Eliminates leaks and corrosion that competitors experience from chimneys that exit through the roof. Designed for easy inspection. Reduces heat loss by over 50%.
  10. Water-Filled HeatLock Baffle™: Creates secondary combustion area. Traps heat in firebox - will not warp or burn out with extreme heat.
  11. Urethane Foam Insulation: Insulation is sprayed on and forms a 100% airtight seal around the water jacket.
  12. Rectangular Firebox: Engineered with stay pins- will not collapse like round designs can.
  13. Ash Pan: 3/8" thick, formed ash pan is durable and easy to clean.

- Fan Draft option available for all models.

- A dual fuel ready option is also available which allows the furnace to be fitted with a fuel oil, natural gas, or propane burner.


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