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9605 Route 45

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9605 Route 45

Orwell, Ohio 44076


Mon thru Fri: 8am to 4:30pm

Saturday • 8am to Noon (Oct-Dec)


(440) 685-4345

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Client Testimonials

We love this stove. My wife thinks it's wonderful. Our house has never been so warm!

- Lowell, Chardon, OH

I have just had my Maxim 250 installed by Professional Heating Systems and this system is the cat's a**!! My house has never been this warm! I previously heated with wood inside and it was always too hot or too cold. I can't wait for this warmth to keep up all winter! Thank you!!

- Tim, Colebrook, OH

We have wonderful hot water! House has never been warmer--76*!

- Albert, Jamestown, PA

It works! We have easily saved $12,000!! This machine is flawless...phenomenally simplistic!

- Jim, New Springfield, OH

I want to thank John and his family for assisting me on THANKSGIVING DAY when I had to trouble shoot a problem. John took the time on the holiday to help me solve my problem and open his store so I could get the parts I needed. Now THAT is customer service! Thanks again.

- Bill, Windham, OH

The work crew was excellent and very professional in their work, and the work was done in a timely matter. The operation of the furnace was explained to me completely. Thank you Professional Heating Systems!

- Harry, Andover, OH

My house is an all electric home and it is 3000 sq.ft. We had always kept our house cold because of the bill. Not anymore! Our house has never been warmer, water has never been hotter, pool and jucuzzi have never been warmer and the heating bill has never been smaller. Thanks John-- now I can turn my electric bill into fuel for the stove.

- Bob, Hartsgrove, OH

This furnace is kick a**! I wish my cell phone worked as good as the furnace!

- Paul, Newbury, OH

This is an update to earlier testimonial. After getting to know more ins and outs of the boiler operation, this system is even more amazing. My heat bill for this winter will not exceed what i have in my wood stock. My house is as warm as anyone who lives here wants it. No worry about an outragious electric bill showing up. We are heating apx 3800 sq ft at 74 to 76 degrees. The little bit of work to keep the furnace running is very simple. I can not say enough about how comfortable 5 people are when its zero outside. More to come as we continue to learn how good this product and the people at Professional Heating really are. I will leave a phone number for anyone considering a central boiler from Profesional Heating. Be happy to tell you what I'm continuing to learn.

- Paul & Loretta, Newbury, OH

John and his crew at Professional Heating were great. We couldn't believe how easy it was to deal with them. Everything was explained very well with fast and clean installation. It's nice to deal with a company that is willing to work with you to get the job done without hassle and being there to answer any questions we had. I would recommend them to everyone who might be interested in saving $$$$ time and frustration of using another company and a lesser heater. Thanks John!

- Tim and Sharon, Ashtabula, OH

We purchased a Central Boiler unit from John in 2007. Before, we were paying close to $500 a month for heating oil in the winter. Now after 4 seasons, our unit is just about paid off in the money we save buying and using wood as an alternative fuel source. John and his crew were professional (hence the name) and polite in installing the unit and explaining the details of the workings of it.

- Christopher, Troy Township, OH

We had our woodburner installed in Nov of 2010 and its totally amazing! I came home the 1st night and had to turn the thermostat back to 73. My house is very warm and the hot water is great. The guys were great to have around while they did the install and were very good at explaining what was going on and how to take care of the system. I have told many people about this and would recommend John and his crew to anyone who is considering this system.

- Paul & Loretta, Newbury, OH

Once again Professional Heating resolved issues that we had with our heat and once again they treated us as if we were their number one customer! We really appreciate the service and expertise. (note: Keith did not purchase his furnace from Professional Heating , however Professional Heating has helped him solve several issues and problems he has had.)

- Keith, Hartsgrove, OH

We haven't used a drop of propane since we had our stove installed! We save over $3,000 per year in propane!

- Donna, Kinsman, OH

Purchasing my Central Boiler Wood Stove from John and Brenda at Professional Heating Systems was a pleasure. My wife and I showed up after store hours on a Saturday to look at their stoves. John saw us and opened the shop and answered all our questions. When we decided to purchase a 6048 later that evening, John opened the shop on Mother's Day evening so we could try to receive the spring rebate that ended the following Friday. We found out on the last day of the rebate that we had qualified and saved $1100 on the wood stove. The whole purchasing process was smooth and John and Brenda made us feel like family.

- Rob, Austinburg, OH

After my husband and I had a $1000 electric bill, we started looking around for other ways to cut down on the electric we use. We came across Professional Heating Systems in Orwell Ohio, which was only a few mins away from us... We went up there to look around and talked to them about our problem and options...John knew his stuff! He told us what we needed to hear- no games or gimikes. In a few short days, things were on the move. We had our new wood burner installed. I LOVE IT.. it is always warm in my house- no matter how cold it is outside..our first full electric bill after the burner was installed was so low that the electric company came out and checked the meter, because they thought there was a problem with it! There wasnt--just a wood burner that works.. i want to thank John and his team for helping us out...Also when we bought the burner we were put in drawing for a new chain saw ...well we won! It was so cool my husband was so excited... SO ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU JOHN TIMKO.

- Dawn & Robert, Greene, OH

Prior to building a new home, I extensively researched numerous brands of outdoor wood furnaces. I first met John at Power Show-Ohio, and he was extremely patient answering ALL of my questions. During the install John explained the purpose of all valves, fittings and functions of the system. I heat the basement, garage, and the first floor (which is encased in Gyp-Crete). I have received numerous comments on how warm and cozy the house is. As a professional, John is outstanding, and had the most extensive knowledge of anyone I talked to regarding radiant in-floor heat. Both he and Brenda have become good friends. I would confidently recommend a Central Boiler System, installed by Professional Heating Systems, to anyone!Great job!! Thanks John and Brenda!!

- Don (Wiz), Carrollton, OH

I also purchased a furnace from someone else and had a myriad of problems as a result. John has never given me anything but his total professional attention with any situation that I have had! I would recommend this Company to anyone and I have recommended them to many! We have an old home that uses a lot of heat and our furnace has paid for itself in the first two years of use.

- Keith, Hartsgrove, OH

Just had a 2300 E-Classic installed. We are thrilled with staying warm on the coldest nights and having plenty of hot water- no matter how many guests. No complaints from the neighbors as the smoke is minimal.

- Jim and Lisa, Chardon, OH

I had to convince my wife to buy one of these excellent furnaces! We went to one of John's in-shop seminars and ended up purchasing one. It saves us about $2600.00 a year on propane. It is one of the best investments we have ever made! John and his staff are top notch people to deal with. Anyone considering an outdoor furnace would be wise to contact Professional Heating Systems!

- Randy & Michele, Fowler, OH

Top notch quality, and made in the U.S.A.!Now we're using a renewable resource for our hot water and heat, and lowering our dependence on Middle-Eastern oil.

- Tom, Auburn, OH


- Joseph, Trumbull, OH

When we decided to purchase the outdoor woodburner I didn't want to spend the money. When I saw how small our natural gas bill was I was very pleased that we had made our purchase. We use to heat our 2500 sq. ft. home, cook and dry cloths with natural gas and the avg. bill in the winter was $130 - $170, now it's under $30. We shut off the gas to the furnace and hot water tank when using the woodburnner. We have had our woodburner since Fall of 2004.

- Roger, Geneva, OH

We were so pleased with your customer service. We looked into a lot of company's that sell wood burners and finally chose you and we are glad to have done business with you. When people question us about your store we direct them right to your Orwell, Ohio location. Hats off to you for a great product and friendly installation staff.

- Edward & Laura, Transfer, PA

One of the best purchases I've made in years! Very happy! Would highly recommend Professional Heating Systems to anyone with easy access to wood! Will pay for itself in 1 1/2 to 2 seasons!

- Brian, Thompson, OH

I purchased my central boiler in August 2005. The winter prior, I used $1,200 worth of heating oil (2004) and the house was 62 degrees. That first winter, (2005) the house was 75 degrees and we could not run out of hot water and we tried to!. Oil jump to over $2.50 (in 2005 and up to $4.00 in 2008) also. I now have had the system for 4 years and have gotten back every penny I spent. And it is so easy to use, fill it and forget it. Besides obtaining wood, I have had only one part go bad, this system lasts!. You will be extremely satisfied with a Central Boiler and the professionalism of John.

- Mike, Greenford, OH

John and his staff are very professional in both install and information on operation. We just had our Classic installed 4/09, so we can't attest to effeciency, but we can say, we are very pleased with the install, and their PERSONAL warranty of the unit. We would not hesitate to reccomend Professional Heating Systems of Orwell for your wood heating needs. I will respond to efficiency & comfort next spring.

- Chuck, Hartford, OH

This is our first season with our Central Boiler whole house woodburner. When we had the unit installed we felt like we had made a good investment. After the first season we KNOW WE DID MAKE A GOOD INVESTMENT! We saved over $3000.00 in propane this heating season. Our house is very warm and cozy and no dry heat. This unit is very easy to load and maintain. We load it once a day. It is just great! And best of all, the service at Professional Heating has been outstanding. From help in selecting the right furnace to financing and installation. John and his staff were outstanding. We positively recommend Professional Heating Inc. and the Central Boiler for all your heating needs. Thanks to you John, and your staff!

- Randy and Donna, Kinsman, OH

I had my Central Boiler Wood Burner installed at the end of October, 2008. John and his assistant installed it and then went over how to use it, how to fill the water jacket with water and what valves to open and close in the basement. Both were very helpful. After we got the water jacket full of water and tested the water, we built the first fire. It took the better part of a day to get the water heated up to the correct tempature. Once we got the hang of how to load the wood burner and when to clean out the ashes, it works great and keeps the house really toasty. (I was the heat nazi-I kept the house at 62 degrees, propane cost too much) Now the house is 72-75 degrees F. and wonderful. We load the burner full of wood in the afternoon. It will go until either the next afternoon or the following morning before it needs any wood added. (24-36 hrs. or more). By now I would have used at least $1800 worth of propane. For me, the wood burner will have paid for itself in under 3 years. I would advise anyone that has access to wood to invest in an outside woodburner from Professional Heating Systems. They have been very helpful and professional. I have no complaints.

- Deb, Austinburg, OH

Thanks for selling me a great unit. I am very happy with it. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.Happy Holidays

- Tom, Thompson, OH

PHS has done one installation for me and supplies parts for another in Arizona. This is truly a professional organization that stays on top of its business and ahead of the competition.Wil Orr, Prescott, Arizona

- Wil, Prescott, AZ

My wife and I spotted the outdoor woodburners on the way back from Orwell Oh. We were interested in them and stopped by and talked to John Timko. John informed us all about the furnace and how efficient it is. After deciding on the model to buy, John set up financing and he and his son installed the boiler. This unit saves my household roughly $2400.00 a year in natural gas. It cost about $500.00 a winter in firewood for heat and continuous hot water. When my wife had a problem with a valve they were there instantly!! Good Job , Good Value.

- Greg & Sally, West Farmington, OH


- Joseph, JTS Machinery & Supply Co, Mentor, OH

My CL5036 is working out great! The house is 74-75 degrees with 0 degree temperatures outside and didn't even burn all the wood in the furnace. I am more than satisfied!

- Ray, Mogadore, OH

My house had never been over 60 degrees until I had my Classic 6048 dual ready furnace installed in 2013! (I previously had an indoor unit.)

- Dan, Williamsfield, OH

The only regret I have is that I didn't do this 10-15 years ago!!

- Matt, Thompson, OH

I love having a Central Boiler wood furnace. I am always happy when it's cold enough outside to fire it up again in the fall so I have HOT water in the house!! I don't even mind loading it occasionally when my husband is out of town. It is a great system!!

- Karen Miller, Claridon, OH

Thank you so much for your quick service call last week. I don't like winter, but since it's inevitable, I can't wait to fire up the stove!

- Mrs. M., Chardon, OH

Have had an E2400 Central Boiler since Sept 2011. Was pretty much dissatisfied with its performance and reliability ie, going away for even a day because it wouldn't stay lit. After a miserable past couple weeks, I was looking to purchase another brand and taking a big loss on this stove. This past week I was fortunate enough to finding Pro Heating on the web site and contacted them to see what, if any, stoves they had in stock. After I talked to John Timko, I was feeling a lot better about my stove. He directed me to check a few things and even called the factory. Im sorry I didn't buy the stove from his company but you can bet he will get "ALL" my business from this day forward. He hasn't made a dime from me but has helped me tremendously. So far the changes John directed me to make have my stove staying lit and using less wood and keeping my house and shop toasty. Thank You, John!

- George , Jackson Center, PA

I originally used cheap, UN-insulated underground pipe and was losing 30-40 degrees in a 200 foot run. I was melting lots of snow. I replaced the cheaper pipe after ONLY 2 years with the NEW insulated underground pipe purchased from Professional Heating Systems. I have NO heat loss and no longer melting snow! I haven't had a problem since!

- Jack, Middlefield, OH

Our house was built in 1909. The smartest thing he ever did besides marrying me was putting in this furnace! Now that he is retired, cutting wood and loading the stove gives him something to do!

- Chad & Karen, Hiram, OH

We are 10 times more comfortable now with our outdoor furnace than we ever were before with fuel oil!

- Chad, Hiram, OH

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